5 July 2022

Today at beach school we used our story of the week 'All Afloat on Noah's Boat'. First Mrs Threlfall read us the story and then we wrote about what happened. We spoke about the rhyming words in the book and the Reception children had a go at writing them in the sand. Some of us could remember how it rains from the learning about the water cycle a few weeks ago. We walked to top of the sand dune and looked out to sea. We pretended that we were on the ark and all we could can see is water. We used our sketch books to sketch what we could see. In maths the Reception children practised counting in twos. We collected some shells and put them in groups of two and then counted 2's. The nursery children found shells, stones and sticks and grouped them in two's. Mrs Threlfall then helped us to make a big ark in the sand. We all sat in it and pretended we were the animals on the ark. We acted out the story and moved like the different animals. Finally we all had a dig in the sand and dug down until our holes filled with water.
We started Beach School off this week by doing a walk towards the Bird Huts. We talked about directional language using the 8- compass points to map out a route so that we could share it with others. We also discussed the importance of using accurate measurements e.g. metres and miles as opposed to steps as some have bigger steps than others. We then joined with Orcas for PE. We managed to have six rounds of rounders after developing our skills this term and learning the rules. It was a close game but the High Vis team came out on top after some great catches sending the other team out. Both teams showed great sportsmanship! We then headed to the Golf Club for a well-deserved lunch before going back to the beach to explore the marine life in the rockpools. We even spotted a large jellyfish on the way, which we stopped to have a look at because of the differences in colour to others that we had spotted before. The children had a great time spotting different plants, fish and rocks in the pools before heading back up to school.