5 July 2019


What a beautiful day it was today!  We continued our classroom maths on the beach today.  Some children have been learning all the different ways to make ten while the others found different ways to make five.  We used stones and shells to demonstrate what we had learnt this week.  Some of the nursery children practised writing numbers in the sand using lolly sticks.  We have discovered that lolly sticks make great tools for writing in damp sand!

In PE we began by practising our throwing and catching skills using small balls but soon discovered that it was quite fun to practise throwing and catching using the cones!  We started with one cone but then tried with two.  It was quite tricky but we all persevered.

After snack we listened to a story called ‘Somebody Swallowed Stanley’.  It was all about a jellyfish that wasn’t really a jellyfish at all.  He was a plastic carrier bag that had ended up in the sea.  First a whale, then a seagull and then a turtle swallowed Stanley.  At the end of the story the turtle ended up on a beach with Stanley in his mouth.  A boy found them, rescued the turtle and put him back in the sea and then turned Stanley into a kite.  It was a great story and made us think carefully about what we do with our rubbish.  We did some writing and drawing about the story using our beach clipboard.

When we walked back to the golf club for lunch we were fascinated by all the cinnabar moth caterpillars on the ragwort.  There were big caterpillars and tiny caterpillars.  There were loads of them!  We will be looking for cinnabar moths soon.

After lunch we listened to the a story ‘Somebody Swallowed Stanley’ again.  We then made our own kites using carrier bags and sticks from our willow tunnel.  We had great fun flying our kites!  We even tried running down the sand dunes to get our kites to fly higher.  It was quite tiring doing all that running about so at the end of the day we sat down and all worked together to build a big pyramid of sand.  Another fabulous day at beach school!