5 April 2022

We started beach school today with Worship by the Waves.  We made a big cross from seaweed and then sang ‘When I Think About the Cross’. 

Today we acted out the Easter story.  We began with Palm Sunday and waved marram grass and pretended they were palm leaves.  We then found big pieces of seaweed and pretended that they were a heavy cross, we carried them up into the sand dunes, thinking what it must have been like for Jesus to carry a heavy wooden cross.  We celebrated like the disciples would have done when Jesus came back to life on Easter Sunday.  After acting out the story we wrote about some of the things that happened in the story.

We then used some palm crosses and made some crosses from marram grass and made a hill to put them on. 

For maths we continued learning about, and practising patterns.  We made repeating patterns on a big Easter egg shape and then made our own little eggs.

For our PE today we had egg and spoon races and jump like the Easter bunny races!  It was tricky to balance the egg on the spoon.  We tried to jump all the way to the sea but it was a long way!

After lunch we made had an Easter egg hunt in the sand dunes.  When we found all the eggs we practised putting them in order. The last thing we did today was to collect things to put in an Easter egg shape. We found grasses, flowers, shells, stones, driftwood and seaweed.