5 April 2019

Orcas and Puffins
Today, for the last session of term, Orcas and Puffins worked mostly together.  The whole morning was spent focussing on plastic pollution.  We explored how long it took for plastic items to be broken down, and were horrified at the thought that things we were using now would still be around in at least 400 years.  We thought about different ways that plastics cause pollution, and what could be done about it.  Then we did a beach clean.  It was amazing that although the beach looked quite clean at first glance, when we looked closer we managed to find a huge quantity of items.  The star find of the day was a large piece of fishing net.
After snack time we split up into our classes, with Puffins writing their weather reports, and Orcas creating anti-pollution beach art.
In the afternoon we worked in groups to create something to perform to the other groups and Bridie and Helen as it was their last time with us.  At the end of the session we came together for our performance - Starfish sang the speckled frog song (having found a very suitable log to sit on!), Puffins did a reprise of their Grace Darling play, and Orcas split into two groups, with one group reprising Beowulf, and the other group creating their own Passion Play.  It was a gloriously sunny afternoon, and a very fitting end to the term, and our time with Bridie and Helen.



Today we had an Easter themed beach school.  We started our day by balancing across a log.  We have often used this log to sit on and sing ‘Five little speckled frogs’ but today it had moved to the stream so it made a great bridge!  It was great for us to practise balancing on.

After that we went into the dunes for an Easter egg hunt.  We each took it in turns to be the Easter bunny hiding eggs for everyone else to find.  Inside the eggs were Easter chicks so we decided to make nests in the sand for them.  First we drew a circle in the sand and then dug the sand out.  After that we lined the hole with seaweed and grasses to make a comfy bed for the chicks.

Today was Bridie and Helens last beach school so we made them cards to say thank you.   In the afternoon we all thought about our favourite things from beach school this year to show the rest of the school.  We chose to sing ‘Five little speckled frogs’ and worked together to move the log from the stream to the area we used as stage.  We sang our song and Puffins and Orcas performed a play.  Bridie and Helen gave everyone a certificate to celebrate all our hard work.  At the end of the day we had some free time on the beach and had great fun playing games, blowing bubbles, building sandcastles and using the ribbons.