4th March 2022

Welcome back after the half term.

I hope you all had a relaxing week off and had lots of family time.

This week we began by looking for signs of spring / new life for our RE unit.  I am happy to report we found a lot on the school field such as flowers on the lavender, buds on the willow and daffodils in the borders, as well as finding a lady bird out enjoying the sun too.  It was lovely to spend the afternoon in the garden – we have to take these chances while we can.

On Tuesday, Mrs Cotton allowed us to make pancakes with her.  We had to follow the recipe and measure out the ingredients before cooking it.  We then got to choose our toppings – they were delicious.  Thank You Mrs Cotton!

We also took a look at some photographs of Kenya and compared them to Embleton and the UK.  We talked about there being rural areas of Kenya as well as more urban cities such as Nairobi.  We compare these to the likes of London and Embleton.

In PE we began to think and try out some activities we could include in our circuits.  I explained that each week we are going to see if we can improve our fitness by beating our own results from the previous week.  The children got straight into planning some good short activities to include.  They are looking forward to next week and putting them all together.

In Maths this week we have been taking a look at fractions (I think they all rolled their eyes at me when I mentioned them!)  The Year 1s have been looking at halving shapes and objects, while the Year 2s have done some halving of numbers.

Big Maths promotions this week go to RORY, CAMPBELL, HARRY and POLLY (Who got double promotion!!)  Well done to you.  Lots of certificates for scores beaten from our last attempt too so well done everyone!  Keep it up.

We have been brainstorming some ideas and clues that might lead us to our new class book for English, the title of which has not been revealed yet.  We know it is set in Kenya and has something to do with the weather.  I wonder if anyone knows what it might be called?

On Thursday we took part in some World Book Day activities.  We watched the beginning of the Highway Rat Julia Donaldson then did some drama on the rest of the story.  We got into groups and pretended to be an animal that the Highway Rat meets along the way.  After a short practise we performed it to the rest of the class, where they had to guess what animal they were by the item the Highway Rat stole.  We also looked at everyone’s shoebox makes and tried to guess which book inspired them.


Have a good weekend everyone

Miss Murray and the Puffin Team