4th February 2022

This week we started looking at a new text – Giraffes can’t dance.  We analysed a photo to see if we could pick up any clues about the story, the setting or the characters.  We then read the first part of the story and created a story map for it.  We also wrote a character description for Gerald the Giraffe.

In Maths we have been looking at multiplication and repeated addition.  We also recognised, made and added equal groups.

We continued to look at tying our shoe laces in PSHE and African animal dancing in PE.

This week in RE we have been learning about how Muslims pray.  We found out about wudu, the physical and spiritual act that Muslims complete before they pray.  We learnt about the order in which Muslims wash themselves before they pray.  We also learnt that they pray five times a day at set times during the day.

On Thursday we took part in NSPCC Number Day.  As a school we took on the theme of ‘Triangles’ so all our activities involved triangles.  We talked about the root word of ‘tri’ and how it means 3.  We thought of other ‘tri’ words too – triceratops, tricycle, triplets, trigraph!  Then we had a go at some triangle puzzles.  There was lots of persevering and team work going on which was great to see!  The sense of achievement on the children’s faces was great too!

In Music we were learning about the word ‘pitch’ and what the difference is between high and low pitch.

Big Maths promotions this week go to: RORY, JOSH, MARLIE and a double promotion for ZACH!  Well done everyone!

Have a good weekend.