4 October 2019

Puffins and Starfish


We were all very pleased that the rain had stopped for beach school today but when we go to the beach we had found we had to change our plans.  There had been so much water that it had covered the bridge and there was lots of seaweed on the top.  The water was still very high, we couldn’t see through to the other side.  We went to North Beach instead.


When we got onto the beach we played lots of games with the parachute.  We played chasing games and swapping places games.  After our parachute games it began to get windy and drizzly so we decided to walk to the bird hide.


On our walk Puffins thought of lots of different words to describe the various textures of the things we saw, the sand, the rocks, the wood on the steps, the marram grass and bracken.  Starfish class had read the book ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’ this week so began to make up their own story ‘Going on a Bird Hunt’.  Sand, rocks, bracken, golf course and marram grass; we couldn’t go over it, under it or round it so we had to go through it! 


When we got to the bird hide we had our snack and looked through the windows to see what birds we could see.  Puffin class used the charts on the wall and identify and read the names of the birds that we saw to Starfish class.