4 October 2019


Well we have been so lucky with the weather this half term it was about time we had a bit of a wetter today and today appeared to be the day! The children had worship and then we discussed the job of respecting and showing compassion to our environment so Orca class took the task of carrying out a litter pick from the golf club up to the castle. When we reached the castle and the Whinstone Sill we discussed how the rock was formed and recapped what we had already learnt about rocks this half term in science. The children then used their sketch books to develop their sketching skills further. We then walked back along the side of the golf course and along the beach, we stopped and discussed our RE topic of Hinduism and revisited the Rangoli pattern and discussed why it is used, different shapes and symmetry. The children then produced their own patterns in the sand. After that, a walk along the beach – again on the hunt for litter- we all discussed at the end of our walk how pleased we were of the lack of litter and how people are taking more time to respect the environment.