4 May 18

The day started cloudy and windy.  Rev Alison and Christine, 2 of our governors, joined us for Worship on the Beach. This was our last day focusing on the Christian value of 'thankfulness' and after listening to a story, we drew some of the things we are thankful for in the sand.  Worship then finished with Rev Alison leading a prayer.
We then split, with Nursery making 'Mary, Mary, quite contrary' gardens complete with silver bells and cockle shells, whilst KS1 and Reception played some running games before reviewing their work on clocks and fractions (this time by making and decorating a giant cake).  KS2 did some more athletics and worked on subtracting tenths and hundredths to find out the distance between each others jumps.
After snack time, where we learned about some of the different creatures we might find in the rock pools, we walked across the beach to the rocks.  We clambered carefully over the rocks, making sure that we didn't slip.  We found a number of different creatures, which we then showed each other before putting them carefully back into the water.
We then walked back up to the golf club for lunch.
After lunch, we  split up into 2 groups - KS1 and Early Years listened to the story 'Sharing a Shell' - thinking about the different creatures we found in the rock pools' before collecting our own shells to decorate clay tiles.  KS2 did some observational sketching of different shells, thinking about why each shell-owner had evolved a shell that particular shape.  They then collected shells with holes in to make necklaces.
Following a short period of free-play where Year 1s mostly seemed to be digging for treasure; and the Year 2s joined KS2 to climb and roll down the sand dunes; it was time to come back up the hill to school.