4 March 2022

Today at Beach School we looked at measuring in mm, cm and m. We used different rulers focusing on mm, cm and m. We looked at different shapes, using the different shapes, using the different rulers to measure the lines more accurately. We then measured between 2 lines but we realised it couldn't be done measuring using mm, so we used the m ruler. We marked out each m then made a mark and then continued. It ended up being measured at 20m 80cm. We then looked at our RE unit by creating and performing stories based on people struggling with something and someone who comes in to save the day. We had a range of different scenarios. Some had people who had lost their glasses and some had people struggling with friendship. We finished off by completing our PE lessons where we had a go at a workout and planned our trip to Craster looking at the route we will walk, timings break we may need and what we will do when we get there.