3 May 2022


We started beach school today with Worship by the Waves.  We are continuing out worship theme of Thankfulness.  This week we collected a shell, a stone, some seaweed and marram grass to use them to focus our thinking on being thankful.  We sang our new clapping song ‘God can do anything’

Our story this week is ‘Ted’s Big Adventure’.  In the story Ted travels around the world and visits different countries and does different things.  The weather is different all around the world so the first thing we did was to talk about different types of weather.

Ted goes to Spain and visits the beach.  Ted makes a huge sandcastle.  We made one too and decided that we preferred ours to Ted’s!  While Ted was in Spain he sang some songs with a flamenco band.  We sang lots of songs about travelling.

In Egypt Ted saw the pyramids.  We looked at the shape of a pyramid and used shapes for our maths on the beach. 

Ted walked along  The Great Wall of China.  We made our own great wall along the beach.  We worked together to make it really long! 

When Ted visited Great Britain he went to watch a football match.  We played a game of football and practised our kicking skills.

Ted went to America and whizzed around a race track in a racing car.  We made amazing racetracks in the sand.  We didn’t have any racing cars so we had to use the vehicles from our classroom.

We spoke about sending postcards to people if you go on holiday.  We discussed what a postcard was and what people write on postcards.  We drew a picture of the beach and wrote messages on our postcards.



We started the day with worship by the waves.

We then moved onto our learning in maths. In year 2, we were using sand to help us understand how to use measuring scales and measure in grams. In year 1 we focused on ordering different objects from lightest to heaviest.

In PE we worked hard to run, jump, underarm throw and over arm throw. We were trying to beat our individual running scores from the week before.

After PE we caught our breath back and ate our snack while on the beach.

Next, it was time to start our writing. The year 1s had to write a description using an adjective in each sentence and the year 2 children had to include either a piece of alliteration or a simile.

After lunch we were learning about what it means when an animal is called an omnivore, carnivore and a herbivore, we were great at identifying the different animal types.

We then took some time to observe our surroundings by focusing the on sand dunes. This helped us to draw more detailed observational drawings.