3 May 2019


Beach school this week began with some reflection time. We all found either a stone, stick, leaf or a piece of grass. We held it in our hand and thought about something we were worried about. When we walked over the bridge to the beach we threw our stones, sticks, leaves or a pieces of grass into the water and threw our worry away with it.


When we got onto the sand we played a dice game. The dice was rolled and we had to find that number of shells or stones. Some of us to find one more or one less then the number shown on the dice. After that we went into two groups some of us had numbers in the bottom of our buckets and had to collect the same amount of shells and some of us played an addition game with lolly sticks.

After maths we played the gingerbread man chasing game because we loved it so much last week! When everybody had had a turn of being the gingerbread man we practised throwing and catching beanbags.

When we had finished our snack we listened to the story of The Three Little Pigs. We discussed how the same story can have different endings. Some children drew pigs in the sand and some children made wanted posters for the big bad wolf.

In the afternoon we had a 'beach boogie'. It was similar to our 'dough disco' but we used sand instead of playdough! It didn't work as well because it kept slipping through our fingers. Next week we decided that we would use much wetter sand. Following on from our 'beach boogie' we made some houses for the three little pigs using marram grass for the straw house, driftwood and seaweed for the stick house and stones for the brick house. We then tried to blow the houses down. We didn't have as much puff as the wolf!

On the way back to school we were amazed at how many ladybirds there were. It took twice as long to walk back this week!

We had a short reflection time thinking about our worries before finding a flower or leaf and throwing it, and our worries, into the river.  Then it was straight into some maths.  We focused on time again, making sand clocks, with lolly-stick hands.  After maths we played some more evasion games, and were relieved when it was time for snack, so that we could catch our breath!  After snack we got straight into our weather report descriptive writing.  We started off by closing our eyes and listening carefully to the sounds that we could hear - the waves were really crashing on the sand today.  Then we tried to smell the saltiness in the air (although it was a challenge for some - a lot of blocked noses this week!!).  Finally, we stood up and slowly turned around, looking to see what we could see.  We enjoyed doing our writing, and were all keen to read to each other when we had finished it.
After lunch we went into the dunes.  We used quadrats and plant ID guides to try and identify some of the plants that were around us.  We took it in turn to throw the quadrats and record in our journals which plants we could find.  After that we got our sketch books out and chose a plant to sketch.  We looked carefully at the features and tried to draw them.  We took photos of them with the ipad, so that we can remember the colours when we do our watercolour pictures back at school. 
The end of the afternoon saw us going down onto the beach and having some free-play time - mostly digging holes!



Another bright and sunny day for beach school, our day began with the Orca class walking down with the Starfish class – I do love listening to their conversations. Mrs Threlfall began with a worship on the theme of worries, the children released their worry over the bridge. The school split off into their different classes and the lessons began. Orcas continued our work with squared and cubed numbers. The children worked in partners to test each other, after that they then tested the entire class, they are really showing a good understanding of this area of maths.

A quick hydration and back into partners, the tide was out so it allowed us to use this area of the beach to begin to develop our hockey skills. The children began passing the ball to one and other statically and then moving onto moving into a space and passing to each other. After this the children were split into teams and began a game, we do need to work on using the space around the pitch but, it is something we will be able to develop in the next few weeks.

Snack time and some more hydration and we were off to the little corner of the dune again for our science topic. This term Orcas are exploring evolution, last week we concentrated on adaptation of birds beaks and how this enabled them to survive and thrive; this week we concentrated on human evolution, we discussed how humans were adapted to survive and then designed a new human who would be adapted to survive. There were some fabulous ideas including a thermostat for the human body so they’d never be cold. Being able to breath underwater and out of water, and the ability to fly, we discussed each aspect with the class and I did become a rather interesting debate.

A quick and delightful lunch at the golf club and then off again, this week we began our afternoon session with some topic. We looked at another interesting British person who this week it was David Walliams (the children do have a point challenge to find out what distance he covered when he swam the English channel). After that, the tide was coming back in and the waves were crashing the children produced a beautiful sketch and then a poem about the environment around them. A walk to the Tippy Top classroom made it very obvious that it was somewhat too windy up there to do our next lesson so we took slight shelter in the base of the wall. Continuing with the English work the children wrote diary entries from different characters from the story Robin Hood, they were tasked to use emotive language and reflect upon the feelings of the character, each child read one of the diary entries to the class and I must say the acting skills that this class have are fabulous.


 A big thank you to Caroline’s mum Lucy for helping us today.