31 January 2020

A mild but blustery day at the beach today.  After Worship and our weather report we did some maths.  Next week we are completing a Great Fraction Challenge as part of NSPCC Number Day, so today we found a number of items and split them into halves, quarters and thirds.  After maths we split into 2 teams to do our orienteering.  It was a slightly longer course this week, and we are getting good at following the maps to help us find our way to the next checkpoint.
After a welcome snack, and hot juice, we did some work on similes, looking at the environment around us for inspiration - the rocks are as black as soot, the dogs are as bouncy as a kangaroo, the castle is as spooky as a haunted house.  Next we took advantage of the windy weather to do some more explorations of wind - measuring how far chiffon scarfs blow in the wind.... and chasing after them!
A delicious lunch set us up for an afternoon at the bird hide.  On the way there we searched for signs that Spring was on its way and were pleased to see some daffodil bulbs starting to come up, and some pussy willow furry catkins starting to come out.  Finally the path has dried out, and we were able to get to the hide.  Due to the wind, there were very few birds out on the water, but we did see some mallards and coots.  We then talked about birds and wrote how birds follow the MRS GREN rules for living things in our journals.  We then walked back home, across the top via North Farm, enjoying a stop off at the lookout.

After Worship by the Waves we listened to the story ‘Dragon Stew’.  The story was about some Vikings who want to make stew from a dragon.   Fortunately the story has a happy ending and the dragon doesn’t get eaten!

We thought about what a dragon might like to eat and we each wrote a recipe for beach stew.    We decided that we could add shells, stones, seaweed, sand and water.  We chose how many spoons of each we would put in. 

In PE we did some balancing on logs and continued practising our dribbling skills using small balls.  It was a bit trickier this week as there was quite a breeze today.  We persevered and all worked really hard to go around the cones.

In maths we used the recipes that we had written and measured our ingredients counting carefully.  We had great fun mixing our ingredients for our stews.  After making stew we made cakes for the dragon and cut them into halves and quarters getting ready for number day next week.