30 November 2022


At Beach School this Wednesday, we started off with Worship by the Waves. Followed on by having our snack and doing some team building. We then moved on to looking at food chains in pairs, thinking about producers and consumers before extending our food chains to include primary and secondary consumers. As a class we then built a food web, which included grass as our producer, that was eaten by the ant, who was eaten by the bird, who was eaten by the cat, who was eaten by a fox and then we discussed decomposers. As predators of a food chain are not eaten by anything else. We then had one more food chain in the web, which made it very challenging to follow but the children did a great job. We then started our PE for the day, we lead warm-ups with our partners. Then did a combination of star jumps, running on the spot, lunges, windmills and finished off with the plank before starting our 200m run. We had to swap with our partners after we had run it twice and each managed to run it 3 times. We then managed to read more of Narnia, and found out how Edmund would manage to escape the White Witch before heading up for lunch.