30 November 2018

This morning we were learning about repeating patterns.  First we made some patterns with ourselves, boy, girl, boy, girl and then we faced the sea, faced the dunes, faced the sea, faced the dunes.  We watched the sea to see if there was a pattern with big waves and little waves but we couldn't see one!  After that we collected lots of different beach items to make our own repeating patterns.
In PE we had a big stretchy piece of elastic that we all got inside.  It was fun doing the 'Okey Cokey' inside it.  Mrs Threfall and Mrs Popay then taught us how to play a game with the stretchy elastic that they used to play when they went to school!
We used the beanbags to practise our throwing and catching skills and found out that its quite tricky to catch the beanbag when you throw it high.  We need lots of practise!
'I Wish I were a Pilot' was our story today.  It was all about wanting to travel in different types of transport.  We made our own planes and then had  flying races to see whose aeroplane went the furthest.
In the afternoon we joined with Puffin Class to find our about Viking Explorers.  We then made Viking long boats in the sand. 
After a very wet week it was a relief that the weather was lovely, if a little brisk, today!  We started off the session by exploring some 3D shapes, discussing their properties, before making sand sculpture 3D shapes.
In PE we practised our ball skills - it was a challenge against the wind, and we had to work hard to make sure the balls didn't go off towards the sea whilst the tide was quite a way in!  We did some good dribbling and controlling the balls.
After snack and our weather report, we looked at our final classification of animals - fish.  We thought about what made them different from other classifications and discussed the names of some fish that we knew, before drawing pictures of fish in the sand.  We had to try to remember to add details like gills, fins and tails.
When we came back on to the beach after lunch we had a story about Vikings and discussed how they were also explorers as well as raiders.  We then made our own Viking longships with Dragon-heads to sail off exploring. 
Here are some of our weather reports:
'Today its sunny.  Today its blue.  We can see the moon.  Its incredible how the weather changed.'  Freya (Year 1)
'Today it is very sunny.  Today it is calm on the river.  Sometimes the sun disappears and sometimes we can see it.' Thomas (Year 2)
'Today it is very sunny and this morning was very cold.  The grass is moving.  The sea is very calm and in the sky there is no clouds.'  Elizabeth (Year 1)
'Today it is sunny.  Today the sea is calm.  Today it is cloudy.  Today I feel happy.  Today I like how it is.' Indira (Year 1)
'Today it has been sunny but hopefully it doesn't rain.  But there is still clouds and the sea is calm.' Jake (Year 2)
'Today at the beach the grass is moving so it is windy but we can see the sun.  The waves are calm but there is a lot of them.  The sky is blue with nearly no clouds.  In the sky is the moon.'  Arthur (Year 2)