30 April 2021


After a bit of rainy start, we were pleased when the weather cheered up!  Today we continued our RE at the beach.  The theme for this half term is ‘Special Stories’.  This week we heard the story of Buddha and the Bodhi Tree.  This story is important to Buddhists because it tells the story of where Buddha attained enlightenment.

First we listened to the story and used the puppet to help us remember what happened.  In the story Prince Siddhartha meditated under the Bodhi tree. We looked at the picture of the Bodhi tree and Mrs Cotton helped us to make a tree on the sand.  We collected seaweed and grasses for the trunk and branches.

We then closed our eyes and sat very still on the beach and thought about our breathing.  We were all very calm and quiet and we listened carefully to the waves crashing on the sand the wind blowing through the marram grass. When we opened our eyes we used our sketch books to draw something we could see that interested us.

Today we did PE and maths together.  The Reception children practised their throwing skills by aiming two beanbags each into cones and adding up the score.  They are getting very good at adding two small numbers (1,2,3,4) together.  The Nursery children counted up to three throws of a beanbag and counted shovelfuls of sand into their buckets.

Before we went back to school we found out about some artefacts that Buddhists use.  We looked at some prayer flags, offering bowls, a bell, some lotus flowers and a Buddha. 

During beach school today, we started by doing Orienteering around the Golf Course and the Beach. We split into two teams and had to find 5 points that were dotted around the course. We followed the map and worked as a team to locate the points and were very excited to find the endpoint. We then took a walk along to find some shelter and had a snack before doing some Beach Maths. We then made our Human Clock, practising telling the time on an Analogue Clock and we finished by writing our Plastic Pollution Poems and sharing them with the class. They all wrote some lovely poems including reasons why we should look after the beach and why we should protect animals.