This week we started off by looking at our Funnybones story map we started drawing last week.  We were able to retell the story so far by using the story map.  We then read some more of the book and added this to our map.  We practised the story from the map every day so that we did not forget it.  The Year 1s also made some stick puppets so that they could use them to retell the story.  The year 2s looked at making new words from the letters of ‘funnybones and skeleton’.  I wonder how many you can make?

In Maths we continued to look at place value.  Year 1s spent the week looking at one more and one less, while the year 2s looked at where numbers would appear on a number line using their knowledge of numbers.

We have also looked at what the NHS is and why we have it in our history lesson.  We made some thank you cards to show our appreciation.  We are going to pass these on to NHS workers.  We also practised our logging on skills and the year 2s took a look at their school360 accounts getting familiar with them.  They spent some time changing their avatar characters and are hoping to be rewarded with lots of points throughout the weeks to spend on more clothes and hair styles!

We also had Sharon in from the Germ busting team.  She brought a special light box with her.  We listened to her presentation about why it is important to wash our hands.  We also learnt a song with her (which we sang for the rest of the day!) then did an experiment to see how good we were at washing our hands.  She put some special ‘germs’ (just a cream) on our hands which we rubbed in.  We took a look at our hands in the special light box to see all the ‘germs’ on our hands then headed off to give them a good wash, using the method that Sharon taught us.  Once we finished washing our hands we went back to the light box to see how clean our hands were or if there were ‘germs’ we had missed! We all made a pretty good effort and washed the germs away!  Well done Puffin class.  Sharon even gave us a certificate to tell us what a good job we had made!

During Art, we began to draw our self portraits, using all of the skills Mrs Cotton has taught us.  We used the iPads to check the shape of our facial features.  Next week we are going to add colour to them.  Mrs Cotton was impressed by how much we have improved in our drawing techniques.  Well done Puffins.