This week we have been looking at boxing up the story of Jack and the Beanstalk in preparation for planning our own versions next week.  We have also been looking at synonyms for 'said' so that we can make our own stories more exciting.  We came up with a big list to use!
In Maths, we have been looking at properties of 2D shapes.  We went outside onto the field to make some shapes out of string, then we talked about their properties.  We then looked at making patterns out of them.
We carried on with our feelings and relationships unit in PSHE and talked about how we can manage change.
In PE we started our gymnastics unit by looking at ways of travelling around the room and making shapes with our bodies.
Big Maths was successful this week too - after lots of hard work and perseverance HUNTER finally got all of his Learn Its right in the allocated time.  I have never seen such a big smile on a child's face before.  Well deserved Hunter - Keep it up.  
Hope you all have a good weekend, enjoy the extra day off.  Fingers crossed the sun shines for us!
See you all on Tuesday.