2 November 2022


Our story on the beach this week was ‘Tip tap went the crab’ by Tim Hopgood.  The story is a counting story about a crab that leaves her home in rock pool and ventures out into the ocean.  In the story we get to see all the amazing creatures she meets.

We wrote the words ‘tip tap’ on our clipboards making sure that we wrote the sounds using the correct letter formation.

For our maths today the Reception children drew crabs in the sand while recapping doubles.  We also practised writing our numbers in the sand. The nursery children practised counting, recognising numbers and ordered number ne to ten.

We also collected different shells, stones and sea weed and recreated the picture on the first page of the book, the little crab’s rock pool home.

After lunch we went for a walk in the dunes, walking sideways like crab and then found out some facts about crabs.  We found out that they live in seas all over the word and that there is even a type of crab that lives on land and can climb a tree! We also found out that the smallest crab is the size of a pea and the biggest crab is 4 metres wide.

The first beach school session back after the half-term break and you can tell the weather is changing. Thankfully we were all wrapped up and ready to brace it. We started with worship by the waves before splitting off and walking up to the wall to find some shelter within the dunes. When we reached the wall, some of the children hadn't been there before so they were amazed and went to explore. After a few runs down the wall whilst the children were having a snack. We practiced some letter formation, joins, and handwriting before retrieving some of our scientific knowledge from the last half-term with an ABC explanation quiz. We then practiced the new songs that Mrs. Barber had taught us in music so that we became more familiar with them before heading up to the golf club for lunch. After lunch, we headed back to the beach. The wind had definitely picked up at this point! However, we walked towards Low Newton and did an audible re-enactment of Narnia with all the children as the characters. The children did a fantastic job of thinking about how the children would have felt on their journey through the wardrobe and meeting all the different characters. We then headed back up to school. Thankfully, just before the rain had started. 


This week’s Beach School started off with Worship by the Waves.  During Worship we were thinking about our hands and all the amazing things we can do with them.  We thanked God for our hands before singing ‘He’s got the whole world in his hands’.

After worship we grabbed our beach journals and pencils and headed off for some shelter from the wind.  As we are thinking about the weather this term we discussed how the weather is changing.  We thought of adjectives we could use to describe the weather and wrote our sentences.  We also measured the wind speed using the anemometer.  Once we had wrote our sentences we got active as it was getting cold so we decided to think about the compass points.  We used a compass to find North, then East, then South and then West.  We thought up some mnemonics to help us remember the order.  My favourite was;

N – Never

E – Eat

S – Soggy

W – Waffles.

We also did some dance – we carried on from Monday’s dance lesson and thought about the sea creatures we were trying to be.  We thought a bit harder about how these animals might move.  We practised moving like that animal for a short while before performing it in front of our peers. 

We finished off the morning with some odd and even numbers, counting in 2s, 5s and 10s along the beach as well as recalling some of our Big Maths learn it facts.  Lunch at the golf club was French bread pizza and chips to give us some energy to climb the hill back to school for the afternoon.