2 July 2021



We began beach school today with a run!  We all took part in the North East Children’s Cancer run.   We all did really well and were glad of juice and a biscuit at the end!

Our story today was ‘The Night Pirates’ by Peter Harris.  It is about a little boy called  Tom and while he is sleeping some strange shadowy shapes enter his street. They are girl pirates planning to steal the front of his house as a disguise for their ship. The pirates agree to take Tom on a night time adventure with them. They head for an island where they meet grown up pirates and find a treasure chest.

We wrote about our favourite part of the story while looking out to sea in case there were real pirates coming!  Mrs Popay and Mrs Cotton said we did some amazing writing!

After our writing we decorated some houses and shapes from the story.  We then investigated the shadows that they made.  We found out that a shadow is made when something blocks light from the sun.  It was fun to retell the story using our shadow puppets.

In the story the night pirates go ‘up, up, up’ and ‘down, down, down’ the hill.  We all went on an adventure ‘up, up, up’ and ‘down, down, down’ the sand dunes!  It was such a beautiful day today and the view from the top was amazing.  We all agreed that we are so lucky to have such an amazing classroom on a Friday.

After lunch at the golf club we went back to the beach and made buildings from the story using different shapes.  We continued the afternoon with some parachute games.  This week we used a bigger parachute which meant we could all get around one parachute.  We also made the parachute into a tent!  It got very warm inside.  When we had finished with the parachute we used the buckets and spades to make Tom’s town.  Some children decided to be Tom tucked up in bed and had a sand blanket!

Another fantastic day at beach school.


This week at Beach School, we started by running the Cancer Run, which we all did amazingly well. We then had some juice and biscuits to help us recover. After this, we decided to go down to South Beach to start our learning. We worked in our table groups to create our Hogwarts, we put a huge amount of effort into it. We then walked up for lunch at the Golf Club and had our picnic outside. We then had a walk along to the Wall and got back into our groups to prepare a performance based on either A Midsummer's Night's Dream, Julius Caesar Macbeth. They did some great performances. We then celebrated receiving our Green Flag Award.