29th April 2022

This week Puffin class have been extra busy!

We all had an excellent trip to Alnwick Castle on Wednesday. It was great learn all about castle life, we even got to be artisan tile makers. Some of us braved the dragon quest, however, it was a bit scary! The school trip will really help us in our history lessons.

In maths we have been learning all about mass and weight by using the scales. We are good at knowing when two objects are heavier, lighter or equal to each other. In English we have wrote all about the easter holidays, used lots of interesting description and began to start our new topic by showing what we already know about writing a set of instructions.

In PE we started the new topic of Athletics at the beach and will be doing bat and ball on a Friday. Art involved us looking closely at Dunstanburgh Castle and creating an observational drawing. In science we began talking about food chains and showed our knowledge by placing cards into the correct order. Our lesson on RE gave us time to think about where our safe places are and why.

We also started our DT topic – Designing a new castle for Rapunzel with a drawbridge.  We began by doing lots of research on the iPad and from books in order to generate some ideas!