29 November 2019


A wonderful worship by the waves set Orca class off on a journey to carry on protecting our wonderful beach. After last week’s stormy weather we were convinced it would have brought up lots of rubbish and litter, thankfully we didn’t get as much as we thought. We walked right along the beach to the castle and back. Some of the items of rubbish we found were interesting – old golf balls, glass bottle, BBQs, part a surf board, tent peg and a badge from an Audi.

A lovely lunch at then back onto the beach, the children split into UKS2 and LKS2 for their maths lessons. UKS2 continued to look at line graphs – we discussed the tides and how there are four main tide times throughout the day with on average two high tides and two low tides a day. The children then plotted this information on a line graph, the children then used a key to able to distinguish the different lines. LKS2 were using tide times and heights and were using this information to find the difference between high tide and low tide using a number line.


We saw the most amazing rainbow on our way to beach school today.  We all said how beautiful it was.  Some of us wondered if there really is a pot of gold at the end.

When we arrived on the beach we began with Worship by the Waves where we thought about being generous and looking after our world.  We also sang our new favourite worship song ‘I’ve got peace like a river’. 

Our book for the beach this week was ‘Flapjack and Waddle’  by Jacques Duquennoy and Georgie Adams.  It is about two penguin cousins who live a long way from each other.  Flapjack decides to visit Waddle.  He has to build a boat because it is too far for him to swim.

The first thing we did after listening to the story was to learn how to draw a penguin.  We followed step by step instructions and were really pleased with our end results! Some of us drew both Flapjack and Waddle and labelled them.  We then thought about all the adventures that happened to  Flapjack and wrote about some of the places he went.  Some of us wrote a postcard from Flapjack to his mum back home and the Nursery children made icebergs from sand for the penguins to jump from.

In maths we collected small stones and shells.  Some of us matched our stones to the same amount of penguins and some of us used our stones and shells to work out some penguin addition.  We are getting really good at adding two numbers together.

Before we went back to school we wanted to see what had happened to the part of the beach we normally use.  We walked along the beach were surprised that even more of it had been washed away.    We decided that there must be lots and lots and lots of sand in the sea!