29 March 22


We started beach school today with Worship by the Waves.  We found out about stone cairns and that people build them to help them to remember.  We heard the story from the Bible when Joshua instructed people to make a pile of stones to remember.  We found out that the word stone in in the bible 367 times and the word rock is in the Bible 128 times.  We each chose two stones and put one in our pocket to remember a good time that we have had and made a stone cairn with our friends to help us remember fun times.

Our book this week is ‘Owl Babies’ by Martin Wadell. We heard the story and then sketched three owls in the marram grass.  Mrs Popay was really impressed with our pictures.

We then followed instructions to draw an owl.  We all tried really hard with our drawings.

For maths we sang a song about making patterns. The Reception children worked with Miss Bolam to do some subitising and the nursery children matched numbers to number fish.

We practised our throwing and catching skills with small balls before we went to the golf club for lunch.

After lunch we made nests for owls making sure that we lined them with seaweed to make them comfortable for the owl babies.

Beach School on a Tuesday! Well as our first one we did quite well and we went down for the whole day and enjoyed a lovely lunch at the Golf Club. We started with Worship by The Waves with Mrs Popay leading it. We had to collect 2 stones before starting Worship. Mrs Popay highlighted that stone was mentioned in the Bible 367 times and rock was mentioned 128 times. We had to put our stones into our pockets to help us remember a good memory as Joshua had instructed in the Bible. We then moved on to PSHE and looked at us as individuals by drawing ourselves in the middle of the page and then splitting us into quarters. We looked at how we can feel more than one emotion at a time and how this can be conflicting at times. We then shared different emotions that we had felt that week both positive and negative before thinking about why we had felt like that and how we dealt with that emotion. After this, we had a quick snack before moving on to PE with the Orcas. We were focusing on controlling the ball and working together as one team. We did a few drills before moving on to a match. Both teams worked incredibly hard before the High Vis team managed to score a goal. We shook each other's hands before getting ready to head up for lunch at the Golf Club. After lunch, we sat and watched the waves as the tide was coming in very quickly. We decided to sketch the waves and the patterns that we could see inside before sketching anything else that we could see. To finish our day we ran up and down the dunes without managing to fall over. What a lovely day we had!
Beach School on a Tuesday!!  - What a way to confuse Miss Murray!
We had a lovely day down the beach.  We began with Worship by the Waves, then headed off to do our PE.  This half term we have been doing circuits.  We adapted our stations to be easily achieved on the beach.  The children chose to do star jumps, sit ups, shuttle runs and standing jumps.  We did each circuit twice to see if we could beat our score from the previous attempt.  This worked us up into a sweat so we retreated to the dunes for a drink and a snack.  After our snack we got our journals out and wrote some descriptive sentences about what we could see.  We also did some big maths too and focused on our learn its.  
We then headed to the golf club for a tasty lunch of French bread pizza and golf club chips (always a highlight).  Once we had finished we headed off back down to the beach to take a look at our class story of Lila and the Secret of the Rain.  In this book Lila, who lives in Kenya, has to climb the tallest mountain she can find and tell the sky the saddest things she knows in order to try and make it rain.  However, we decided that we didn't need any more rain in Embleton so we had to climb the highest sand dune and tell the sky the happiest things we know in order to make the sun shine!  As we were climbing the dune we had to imagine how Lila would be feeling.  We were exhausted by the time we reached the top but found some happy thoughts and wrote them in our journals.  We then ran back down the dune (mountain), just like Lila did, and made up a happy dance in groups to celebrate, before heading back up the hill to school for home time.