29 March 2019

It was a gorgeous day today with the sun shining and not a cloud in the sky!  We started off our session by lying down and feeling the warm sun on our faces. 

Our maths today was to know the difference between big, medium and small.  We thought about different animal homes and made some rabbit holes, mole holes, stables and kennels.  We then all worked together to make a big birds nest and  all had a turn sitting inside.  Even Mrs Popay got in!  We filled it with grass and seaweed to make it more comfortable.

After our snack we explored what happened to bubbles when we used the bubble wands.  We found out that they would only go in one direction.  We learnt that it all depended on the way the wind was blowing.  When the wind direction changed so did the direction of our bubbles.

We listened to the story of Noah’s Ark and then retold it. We acted the story out and thought of lots and lots of different animals that went in two by two.  We also made arks from sand and used pairs of stones and shells to represent the different animals.  We finished the day with rainbow ribbons remembering God’s promise at the end of the story.

We started off the day by taking part in a 'Wild Lent' reflection - it was the perfect day to feel the warmth of the sun on our faces and think about the energy that the sun gives, and how Christians feel that same warmth and energy from God.
In maths we spent the first part of the session thinking about time, and remembering what we already knew, making some times on clocks.  Then we moved on to some work on capacity - with Year 1s using sponges to see how much water filled up different sizes of containers; and Year 2s using syringes and measuring how much it took to fill up different containers. 
After maths we did some circuit training.  Our favourite activity was doing the tree pose feeling the sun and breeze on us, after doing some hard running!
We had snack, then sat down to do our journals.  As we were on a different part of the beach, we thought about what things were different to usual.  Once we had written, we were all keen to share it with the rest of the group, practising our skills of reading our own writing to others, and listening to what others were saying.
The weather was so lovely that we decided to eat outside for a change.  We were pleased to see the Orcas returning from their walk to Dunstanburgh castle.
In the afternoon we told Helen all about the trip that we had had earlier in the week to Bamburgh and the Grace Darling museum.  Then we split into groups to create a part of the story as a giant picture book.  The scenes we chose were Grace at Longstone Lighthouse, the survivors clinging to the rocks in the stormy sea, and the medal that was given to Grace.
We then had time for some free play.  It was lovely to see some of the children recreating the play that they had seen the Orcas do the previous week - 'Let's play the Grendel and Beowulf game.'
We started our day with a walk down with the rest of the school and then branched off and headed along to Dunstanburgh Castle, the Orca class specifically asked that during this walk could they also do a litter pick - I must say I am extremely proud of how environmentally conscious they all are- it was a beautiful day with plenty to spot including different birds and plants. When we arrived at the castle we discussed the history and how it had been 'helped' along the way to become the ruin it is today. After this, we began our sketch of the castle, the children have really developed their ability to shade and to use different pencil techniques. Another litter pick began when everyone had finished their sketch. We found another area to look at the castle and began to write a poem, it was very interesting to see what approach the children took to their poetry some decided to make it rather scary where as some took another perspective. Another super day!