29 June 18

Having prepared for it to be very hot, it was cloudy the entire day! There was a light breeze - which allowed us to investigate wind and waves. We started off by pairing up between the classes for worship, where sang the 'Thank you' song before blowing 'Thank you' bubbles, thinking of different things to thank God for. We watched them going over the dunes. Then Nusery went to listen to the story of 'Titch', finding out lots of different things that she used in the wind - and had a go playing with them themselves.  The rest of Class 1 used pieces of material to explore the wind, including seeing who could make their's blow the furthest.  They then explored shape, using the material to make different shapes, and describing their properties. Meanwhile, Class 2 played beach football, before doing some work on the 24-hr clock. 
After snack, where Bridie told us how the wind was made.  Class 1 listened carefully to instructions, to make  wind socks, and Class 2 made wind socks and wind mills. We tested them out on the beach, working out which areas were more windy and why.

After lunch we split up again into our 2 classes.  Class 1 came together into a story huddle to listen to the story of Mrs Armitage and the Big Wave.  They looked at the sketches that Quentin Blake did of the waves and compared them to a picture of the Great Wave off Kanagawa. They had a go at sketching their own waves, thinking carefully about the curves made. They also worked together to make a giant wave out of stones.
Class 2 headed up into the dunes, to the highest point.  From their vantage point, they thought about the beautiful coastline and then started writing stories to be entries into the Northumberland Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty 500 words competition.  A great range of story starters were written, from poems, to historical stories, to descriptive pieces.  Some amazing language was used - the inspirational environment has definitely had an impact on their writing.  It will be great to see how the stories develop.  They then went to the 'wall' to climb up, and run or roll down.  Having not been there for a few weeks, it was amazing to see how much more stamina everyone had rapidly getting to the top a number of times.
Then it was time to head back to the golf club, to meet up with Class 1 and come back to school.