Our story on the beach this week was ‘The Littlest Yak’ by Lu Fraser and Kate Hindley.  In the story Gertie is the littlest yak in her whole herd and she’s feeling stuck in her smallness – she wants to grow up and have bigness and tallness! It turns out that there are only some things that only Gertie can do.

After listening to the story we wrote about some of the things the littlest yak did such as eat her vegetables, patter up mountains, clatter down hills and hop and skip.

In the story Gertie climbs mountains, as there weren’t any mountains for us to climb we climbed to the top of the highest sand dune.  When we walked along the paths we pretended we were yaks walking on the narrowest, rockiest ledge.  The books tells us that the yaks had ‘clip cloppy hooves’.  We use coconut shells to make a clip cloppy sound  as we walked in the dunes.

For our maths today the Reception children collected shells and stones and put them in groups of ten.  We then counted in tens up to one hundred  as there were one hundred hoof beats in the story.   The nursery children  filled numbered bags with the same number of shells.

In the book we find out that Gertie the yak has grippy hooves.  We discussed how our wellies stop us from slipping.  We all looked at the soles of our shoes and then looked at the pattern they left in the sand.

Before we went back to the golf club for lunch we made different sized piles of sand to represent the big yak, the littlest yak and the teeny, weeny yak who was at the end of the story.