This week in Seal Class:

In English, we have been continuing to look at our focus text Escape from Pompeii. We looked at learning about synonyms and the impact they can have on our writing. We looked at the story, which has a song that emphasises the volcano eruption by rumbling, shaking, and trembling. We then wrote our own poems to describe what was happening in Pompeii. We then moved on to looking at powerful verbs and adverbs we searched through the story to see what powerful verbs the author had used before writing our own sentences using those powerful verbs.
We have also been working hard on joining our Ts and writing different words with t (elephant, telephone, and daughter). As well as learning what determiners are in Grammar and practicing our spelling rules of the week. (Y3 - Words ending in -sure) (Y4- Homophones)

In Maths, we have been learning about Numbers to 1000 and using them in number lines. We then moved on to year 3s focusing on hundreds, and the year 4s learning about counting in 1000s. We then had a go at applying our learning to solve problems.

In Science, we have been continuing to reinforce our learning from last week. We should now be able to name all of the Organs in The Digestive System and explain their role. We will be moving on to looking at our Salivary Glands to see what role they have in The Digestive System.

In Computing, we have been continuing to practice logging onto the Chromebooks and completing Typing.com to practice our typing skills. In KS2, the children mainly use Chromebooks, so it is about familiarising the children that have not used them before or need to practice using them.

In History, we have been learning about the role the Roman Army played in the expansion of the Roman Empire. We learnt how the Roman Empire expanded, when it was formed and where it originated from. We also focused on why the Roman Army was one of the most successful armies in the world at that time. We wrote a fact file and then drew a Roman Soldier and labelled all the different parts of the uniform and their weapons.