28th January 2022

So…. This week we began learning how to tie our shoe laces!  We talked about the importance of this skill and what the dangers were of having untied laces!  Most set about this task with grit and determination – however some soon give up!  I told them all to persevere!  Some children were getting pretty close by the end of the session – we will look at this again next week. 

In PE we added some more animals to our dances.  Next week we are going to think about how to link our movements together and pick some music to go with our dances.

We made some tally charts on a whiteboard and then went outside to collect the data.  We learned a new word which was ‘attribute’.  This is a word given to a ‘label’ for our groups.  For example; we could group data using the attributes ‘blue’ or ‘red’.  Blue and red would be the attributes.  Once we had collected our data we went into class to make some charts on the J2E Data app.

In RE this week we were finding out about where Muslims go to worship.  We learnt that their special place of worship is called a mosque and outside there might be a dome and minaret.  We also found out that before Muslims go into the Mosque they must take off their shoes and wash their hands, feet and face.  We also found out about some of the special clothes Muslims wear and were able to dress a doll in Islamic clothing.

We also had a look at the different climates and landscapes in Africa.  We used the topic books / information sheets to find some notes on the different areas; rainforests, deserts, coasts and savannas.  We were amazed to learn that Africa has so many different kinds within one continent! 

In Maths we looked again at money and adding different amounts and in English we finished our non-chronological reports.

Big Maths promotions this week went to: POLLY, JACK, INDIE, AIDAN and BEATRICE!  Well done Everyone!  Keep up the good work.

Have a good weekend.