28 September 2022


Our story at the beach this week was ‘Ten Little Superheroes’ by Mike Brownlow and Simon Rickerty.  It’s about ten little superheroes that save the city but try to get defeated by the villains.

It was a bit wet at beach school this morning so we did out writing in the sand.  We wrote some of the words from the book such as pow, zap, jab and wow.

We each had a little superhero and we looked closely at them and discussed how they were similar and different.  Some had eye masks and some had full head masks, they were different colours but they all had belts.

In the story the city has tall buildings.  We made our own city using the buckets as sky scrapers.  There is a villain called glue girl who sticks people with sticky resin.  We played a game of sticky tag.  It was fun running around and catching each other.

We collected shells and stones in our buckets and made some superhero masks.  One of Starfish decided to draw a huge mask and we all put seaweed around the edge.

The last thing we did was to sing ‘Ten little super heroes standing in the sand’ which was a bit like ‘Ten Green Bottles’.  We did lots of counting to ten using a special counting feather and practised writing our numbers in the sand. 


At Beach School this week, we started with Worship by The Waves where we looked at our Carbon Footprint. What is the Carbon Footprint? How is it caused? What can we do to reduce our Carbon Footprint? We then put our footprint into the sand and drew what we individually could do to reduce our Carbon Footprint. We then joined Orcas to complete our Cross-County, we started off by working with our partners to come up with a cardiovascular warm-up before splitting off into our groups to run 400m. It was a wet and windy day but the children persevered and showed a huge improvement both in their confidence and their endurance. We then split off from Orcas to have our snack and a well-deserved break before taking part in our weekly team-building exercise. We had to create a representation of Dunstanburgh Castle. The children all came up with different representations focusing on different parts which were interesting. We then split off into our tables to create a representation of The Digestive System, discussing the journey food takes as it is being digested. We then finished off with our first-ever French Beach Lesson. We recapped our classroom instructions and numbers to 20 before learning hello and goodbye in Ukrainian taught by Tima and Mariia. We then had lunch before heading back to school to complete our afternoon before the weather got worse. In school, we completed our topic work this week, which was looking at the impact the Roman Army had on the expansion of The Roman Empire. We then drew a Roman Soldier and labelled the different parts of their uniform.

This week’s Beach School started off with Worship by the Waves.  We were thinking about our carbon footprint and what we can do to reduce it.

After worship we did our writing.  We were writing sentences about the weather again using the words we learnt last week.  We introduced the word ‘mild’ to our list.  We just got this finished before the drizzle started so we decided to do our PE to keep ourselves warm and moving.  We were thinking about our kicking skills and how to control the ball using the inside of our foot.  We then played a game of dodgeball.  After a quick snack we went back to make a skeleton out of things found on the beach, named some of the body parts and some of the bones that make up or skeleton.  I wonder if anyone can remember the names of any? We then headed up to the golf club for lunch before heading back up to school before the heavy rain came.  Back at school we did some maths and reading.