28 September 18


Today at beach school Starfish class began with maths. We had lots of different sized flower pots. We practised making good sandcastles by filling them to the top, patting them down and then adding some more sand to fill them up. We then smoothed some sand to make a good base and very quickly turned them over. We found out that damp sand makes the best sandcastles! After that we each chose three flower pots of different sizes and then made sandcastles from the smallest to the biggest.

For our PE on the beach, we jogged down to the low tide (it was a long way!) and then, because it was such a lovely sunny day we chased our shadows. We moved in lots of different ways, walking, jumping, skipping and running. We tried to catch our friends shadows! After we jogged back to the sand dunes we were exhausted and needed a bit of a lie down!

In school we have been learning about our senses and today on the beach we thought about our sense of smell. We used our noses to smell the sea and sand and then we had different smells in bottles to identify. Some of us were very good and guessing what was inside.

After lunch we had a story in the sand dunes and then made some smelly strips! We had to use our sense of smell to find things to stick on the tape. In pairs we discussed which smells we liked and the smells we didn't.

Yet another glorious day - we are so lucky!  We started off the session with Beach Maths - Y3s looking at adding and subtracting hundreds, Y2s adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers, and Y1s making number bonds to 10 with pebbles.  We then had a game of cricket - some of us are getting quite good at batting now!  After snack it was time for our weather reporting - who would have thought it would be warm, sunny and still!  We then started our science - after looking at mammals last week, this week we focused on birds.  We discussed how they are different to mammals, and practised describing their characteristics.  
After lunch we walked through the dunes to the new bird hide.  We were very quiet and, using our describing skills and a reference sheet, managed to identify a heron, some terns and some ducks.  We also saw loads of geese flying overhead - we listened carefully to hear them honking directions at each other.  Since the weather was so lovely, we sat in the dunes and learnt about bird migration, before listening to the story 'Follow the Swallow'.  We realised that the story was also talking about bird migration.  
We then walked back up the hill, chanting times tables to motivate our hot and tired legs!


Orca class began today’s session with maths. The children were rounding numbers to the nearest hundred thousand and some were even rounding to the nearest million. After some fabulous rounding the children were paired off and had a challenge to find the difference between two four digit numbers, with each child offering a different four digit number and working as a team to find the difference. As a challenge some of the pairs moved to five digit, six digit and even seven digit numbers.

A brisk jog to the shoreline and back was the first part of the warm up today in PE then, each child was asked to contribute to the warm up with a different type of action including running on the spot whilst using our arms to spell out YMCA, star jumps and high knees. After the warm up children were split into two teams and a game of French Cricket began. The children’s catching, batting and fielding skills have definitely improved!

Using a part of the sand dunes as a classroom area, the children began to learn about the different lifecycles of different species, Bridie showed us some different diagrams explaining how each species differed. The children investigated the lifecycle of swallows, brown bats, great white sharks, spiders and dragonflies.

After lunch we ventured to the tip top classroom, using this as a stimulus the children discussed poetry and the meaning of personification they then looked at the sea and using this the children produced a class poem and also their own individual poems.


Personification Poems about the Sea

Whole class poem, each child was asked to think of a sentence about the sea which includes personification.

The sea is angry.

All the sea longs for is a friend.

Since the sea was so upset it thrashed its waves against the rocks.

The sea was raging.


It looks like it is dancing a waltz.

The sea was crying.

Now the sea feels like it has a friend.

The sea is busy serving fish.


The children then wrote their own poems in their journals.



The deep, deep water ,makes it feel sad.

Sometimes it gets so angry it takes a chunk out of the sand

The sea makes waves crash to the ground as it delights to pick them up, surely.

Here is way too much water to pour into one cup.



The sea sits lonely on the shore longing for a friend sad down to the core.

People come to the beach and play in the waves, the sea hopes for a friend but, nobody stays.

The waves crashing furiously on to the beach, the sea’s tears swell up as it watches the teacher teach,

“All I want is a friend.”

By The Sea



The sea is sometimes rough and sometimes calm.

The sea can be different colours but all together the sea is beautiful as the waves roll in.

Is the sea blue because it is sad or is it happy?

Does it want to be alone or does it want to have people around?

Nobody knows why the sea is blue…



The sea was angry, as angry as could be.

I went in to surf, it swallowed me.

It drowned me first, then washed me up and floated me away.

Maybe, I’ll wake up. Hopefully one day.



The Beautiful Sea

The sea was hungry and angry.

It roared at the sunny dunes as the grass blew in the wind as the fluffy clouds moved gently by.

The sea made a huge wave for the surfers to surf.

It opened a door for people to walk through to get to another country such as, Italy.

The sea was cooking lemon cake but, got juice in its eye.

The sea was now crying.



The sea thrashes meanly on the rocks, keeping it self-warm as if wearing fluffy socks.

Night after night, day after day,

Sooner or later the rocks wear away.

The sand is full of prints off all sizes and the ocean holds lots of happy surprises.



The Sea

The sea is feeling bad waiting and waiting for a friend.

Crying and crying, then the waves form and they crash down again.



The Waves

The sea was howling its rumbling song.

The waves protested by crashing itself against the rocks.

Its ferocious waves rolled onto the beach.

The sea thrashed and crashed itself, creaming and growling.

The bubbling foam threw itself onto the waves angrily.

The waves neatly lined up like rows of soldiers.



The Sea Likes to Dance

The sea was dancing a dance.

Dancing was one of its talents.

You could always tell when it was dancing for it would look calm and happy.

To make the sea happy children would play in the waves.

So, remember to make the sea happy you should play in the waves!

So have a good day!



The sea is pail.

The sea is angry.

The sea is feeling like it has no friends.

The sea is crying tears like waves.



The sea is crashing, a sign that it has a temper.

The sea gets deep meaning that it is nice.

The sea is angry when surfers ride on the waves.

The spiders don’t like the sea but, the sea likes it that way.

They run when the sea is crying.


After the poetry we marched along to ‘the Wall’, each child challenged themselves and I managed to take some fabulous action shots! When ‘the Wall’ activity was completed we took a moment to produce another class poem using personification, this time using ‘the Wall’ as a stimulus.





The Wall

Our wall is happy that people were climbing because, before it felt lonely.

The grass is dancing in the wind.

The wind crashes against the wall as the dunes bleed into the ground.

The wall is gazing at the sparkly sea.

The wall is in pain when people trod and stamp off its skin.

Once the skin is old it cracks, when it rains it changes the walls skin in lots of different ways.

The wall blushes when the sea looks at it.

It giggles when the children’s feet hit its sandy skin.

The structure sands tall because of its friend the grass.

It is like a ninja moving to and fro.

The wall joyfully stares up to the fluffy cloud.


After another fabulous beach day we all headed back up to school. In total we walked 4.5 miles today!