28 May 21


What a beautiful sunny day we had for beach school!  Today we finished  our ‘Special Stories’ RE theme with the story of Rama and Sita from the Hindu faith.   This story has an important message for Hindus.   It tells them that good will overcome evil and light will overcome dark.

Mrs Popay used puppets to tell the story of Rama and Sita.  Some of us were particularly interested in the magic arrow that Rama used at the end of the story to kill evil Ravana.  We pretended that we had a bow with a magic arrow to shoot the demon king!  After the story we wrote about our favourite part.  The Reception children tried hard to remember to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops in their writing. 

After the story we used spades to help us make scenes from the story.  We made islands, bridges and pathways. 

For our maths today we collected shells in buckets.  The Nursery children had numbers on their buckets and they needed to collect the same amount of shells as the number on their buckets while the Reception children practised doubles and number bonds to ten collecting the total number of shells.  The shells that were collected we placed in two lines to represent the lights along the path that led Rama and Sita home.  Some of us made some sandcastles to be the houses in the town.

After maths we used the puppets to act out the story.  We were all able to be the monkeys and helped to build the bridge and were the people in the town who cheered when Rama and Sita returned home.  They walked along our pathway of shell lights until they reached the houses.

After snack we finished beach school with some yoga and reciting a poem called ‘There’s an ocean in this seashell’ written by Graham Denton that we have been practising in school. 

What a difference pleasant weather makes!  Once we got down to the beach we started off with some circuits for PE - improving our sit up, squat and star jump technique, and doing some running on the spot.  Some of us decided to challenge ourselves doing running on the soft sand, rather than the hard sand, and doing sit ups facing up hill rather than down hill.  After a quick recovery drink, we got our journals out and spent a lovely half an hour writing about all the things we could see.  It was lovely to see some great descriptive language from all the children.  After snack we did some more science work on habitats, talking about the different ocean habitats and what sort of creatures lived in the shallow waters, and what lived in the deeper waters.  Then it was time to go back up the hill for sausages, chips and beans for lunch!