28 June 2019


We had some extra Starfish today!  The children that will be in Reception in September and who don’t normally come to school on a Friday  joined us.

To get to beach school this morning we followed a detailed map that one of the Starfish had made. It had all the roads we walk along and all the bends and important buildings we walk past. We didn’t get lost!

We began our maths today by playing a circle game with the shapes.  We have tried really hard this week to remember the names of 3d solid shapes!  After we had played the game we thought very carefully about the properties of the shapes and created some in the sand.  It was quite tricky because the sand didn’t stay where we wanted it!

We played a good game of stuck in the sand to warm up for PE.  It was trickier today as there were so many starfish!  After our warm up we practised our throwing and catching, with bean bags and aiming at a target.

After our snack we thought about our senses of sight, hearing, touch and smell.  We discussed all the things that we could see, hear, touch and feel.  We then used our special beach clip boards to do some writing and drawing about what we discovered.  Everybody worked really hard.

On the beach we found a rose and wondered where it came from.  We thought it might be from a princess that lives in Dunstanburgh Castle!  We put it in the sea to find out whether the tide was going in or out.  We knew that if the rose was still standing up in the sand that the tide was going out.  On the beach we also found a big piece of wood so we pretended to be pirates walking the plank!

After lunch at the golf club we had Worship by the Waves we thought about The fruits of the spirit and being kind and listened to a story about filling people’s invisible buckets.  We sang ‘Our God, is a great big God’ and finished with The Lord’s Prayer with actions.

After worship we listened to story about sharks and we made story boards in the sand to illustrate our favourite parts.  We made one about the shark’s teeth, one about the oyster’s pearl, another about the seaweed bouquet and finally one about the angelfish choir.  We wrote and illustrated our favourite parts of the story.  What a fabulous day we all had!