28 January 2022


When we first got to the beach this morning we spent a bit of time watching some surfers on the big waves.

We continued with our story of the week ‘Hansel and Gretel’ on the beach this week.  We helped tell the story to each other and made up some actions to help us with the story. 

Mrs Cotton gave us all a slice of bread and we went for a walk in the dunes.  We broke off pieces of the bread and dropped it on our journey just like Hansel did when he and Gretel went into the forest.  We also saw Seals under the parachute when we were up there!  When we got to the bottom we  watched the seagulls swoop down and eat our bread.

Everyone worked together to make a gingerbread house in the sand.  We collected shells, stones, grasses, feathers and seaweed.  We were very pleased with it when we had finished.

For our maths today we used the gingerbread men cutters.  The nursery children made some gingerbread men and counted them and the reception children made some gingerbread men addition number sentences.

On our way back to school we made maps.  We decided that if Hansel and Gretel had made a map they might not have ended up in the witch’s house.  We were all very excited to see a heron on our way back too!

When were almost back at school we all noticed some snowdrops growing and we remembered that in our story a few weeks ago, Jack Frost, snowdrops tell us that spring is nearly here.  We all decided that we will look for more snowdrops when we are out.

This week at Beach School, we started by writing a recount of how Skara Brae was discovered after a storm had blown off a layer of soil, which led to William Watt starting excavations. The children used their learning from history this week to support them. We then got the parachute out and started by looking at multiples of numbers, recapping our learning in maths this week as we have been looking at multiplication and division. We then discussed some of our Rocket Words this week to see how much of our learning we could remember. We looked at all different subjects and managed to remember what these words meant. Then we got under the parachute and discussed what we had enjoyed learning this week and one thing we could improve upon before reading the next chapter of Lena, The Sea and Me. By this time we were ready for a snack before moving on to our big task. We had to build Skara Brae. Thankfully we had brought the spades. The children spent half an hour working together to make sure they built the outline of the different Stone Houses that were found there and then they added little details to the inside like the fire pit in the middle. We then talked everyone through what we had done before going back to school for lunch. After lunch, we had netball with Orcas and Miss Brown practising our throwing and catching skills before moving on to completing our Big Maths graphs to record our progress and finishing off our presentations that we have been working very hard on.