Hope you all had a lovely half term – the weather was lovely so hope you all made the most of it and made lots of memories.

Here are a few snippets of our last week before the holidays.  I can’t believe how quick that term went.  We still have Mr Baxter for 3 more weeks before he returns to uni to finish his PGCE.  The children are enjoying having him in.

The children began to plan their non chronological report last week by making a list of facts they are going to include.  They thought about conjunctions they could use to make their sentences more interesting too.

They also started the unit on weight and mass.  The children began by using the words heavier and lighter.  They compared a range of objects before moving on to weighing them using non-standard units; cubes.  Some of them also started looking at grams as a more accurate unit of measuring weight.

In music they tried to learn ‘This Old Man’ on the glockenspiel as well as having a go with some of the other tunes they had been learning this half term.  I wonder if they could play like an orchestra!!

In PE the children put all of their moves together to form a short sequence comprising of 7 moves.  These included jumps, ways of travelling, balances and rolls.  Hope you enjoy them.

They finished off their collages in art and these will be displayed in school before making their way home for your own galleries.