In Seal Class this week we have been looking at:
Maths - In Maths, we have been finalising our learning on times tables, we have worked hard on learning them and need to continue this at home. They have done amazingly well in their Big Maths Scores this week!
English - We have been looking at The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo. We have read the first three chapters and made predictions about what we think it will be about. We then looked at similes and how to improve sentences using similes and then finished off by looking at words that we may not have come across before in the dictionary.
Science - We looked at how Fluorescent clothing is used for safety by looking at what makes this material reflective and what happens to it when lights are shone on it.
In Topic - We have continued to look at Eastern Europe and were focusing on Climate and Biomes. The children compared 4 graphs representing different countries to see which one had the highest temperature and which one had the lowest across the year. This allowed us to understand what the seasons would be like and what the Biomes would be like based on the temperature in the country. In history, we continued to look at the Stone Age focusing on Skara Brae. We looked at how Skara Brae was discovered and what the Artefacts that were found told us about that period of time.
The children have worked hard this week and they have also put a huge amount of effort into their homework. Some of the creative ways they have completed some of the tasks has been amazing. I look forward to seeing what else they manage to do.
This week's Class Dojo Sense of The Week is Charlie
Star Writer is Freya
Well done to you both!
Have a lovely weekend,
Miss Scott
Class blog by Freya and Grace:
This week in maths, we have been learning about division and multiplication. It was tricky for some people, but that is ok because we all find different things tricky. In English we have been reading the butterfly lion by Michael Morpurgo. We have been writing sentences with similes such as, her hair was as black as night. In PSHE we have been doing road safety. We watched a 10 minute video and chose which was safe and which was not safe. In science we have been doing light. Some energy experts came in and told us things about energy like why it is important to eat breakfast.
In geography everyone found it hard. We were doing graphs and Eastern Europe, I felt like a scientist who couldn’t do science!