27 September 2019


After an exciting week of STEM activities it was nice to get back into somewhat of a routine with Orca class today at beach school. A great parent worship where the children presented some of what they made to the parents and explained what they had been up to this week- I do think the parents were rather impressed.

We had a lovely walk along to the bird hide were we discussed the birds which we could identify using the identification cards and continued to develop our real life sketching and a discussion with the children about drawing what we can see and not what we presume we can see. We walked along and sat in the dunes where the houses are and used oil pastels and drew what we saw, the children discussed the different perspectives which we could see.

After that, we walked along the beach and sat in the softer wet sand and discussed our RE topic this half term which is Hinduism then we began the discussion of Rangoli patterns and what they represent and why they are used. Then after looking at some Rangoli patterns we then produced our own, using shape knowledge, repeating pattern understanding and testing for symmetry.


Moving on from a lovely lunch we went back along to the beach to continue with a bit of STEM, Mrs Brealey reminded the Orcas of the knots which they had been learning the past few weeks and how they could help support them meet the design brief. Like engineers the children were given the design brief of making a free standing shelter. Some great team work and super problem solving skills, the wind did make it a tad tricky for the Orcas but, they persevered and met the design brief.

Our story at beach school this week was ‘Piranhas Don’t Eat Bananas’ by Aaron Blabey.   It was a really funny story about Brian, the vegetarian piranha fish who has friends that are carnivores.   Brian’s friends try to convince him that he shouldn’t eat fruit and vegetables.

After we had heard the story we thought of other fruit and vegetables that we could rhyme.  We had apricots and big pots, pears and stairs, carrots and parrots, beans and queens and lime and slime.  We wrote them down and drew pictures of them.

In PE we played a fruit game, some of us found it tricky to remember the name of the fruit we were given but we loved the running part of the game.  After we had warmed up with the fruit game we balanced bean bags on different body parts and then practised our throwing and catching.

After snack, in maths, we continued with the measuring that we started last week.  Today we used different fruit and measured how many cups of sand they weighed. We were very pleased with ourselves when we made the scales balance.

After lunch we went on a litter pick.  Fortunately there wasn’t much rubbish on our beach.  We ended the day by making piranha fish in the sand.  We discovered that razor shells made really good piranha teeth!