27 November 2020


Our story at the beach today was ‘Wow! Said the Owl’ by Tim Hopgood.  It was about an owl that stayed awake all day and was amazed by all the beautiful colours he could see.  We thought about what the owl might see and say if he came to beach school.

“Wow! Said the owl when he saw the blue sea.”

“Wow! Said the owl when he saw the green marram grass.”

“Wow! Said the owl when he saw the peach sand.”

We then wrote our ideas on our clipboards.  After doing our writing we then had a go at drawing an owl in the sand.  Some of us used seaweed for wings and shells for eyes. 

We decided that we would go for a walk along the beach to see what had happened to the dunes after last week when the tide was really high.  We sat and watched the water run into the sea.  After watching the water running into the sea we decided that we wanted to do some running!  We had some running races back up to the beach where our bags were.  As the weather is getting a bit cooler now we had some warm juice with our snack – we all really liked it!

It was great fun using the beanbags today, throwing and catching them.  We then decided to run up the sand dunes, throw the beanbags down and run down the dunes to retrieve them.  It was such fun!

For our maths today we continued with our pairs of numbers to ten.  We used tens frames and put shells and stones on them.   We then said what we had made:

“Eight shells and two stones is ten altogether”

“Five stones and five shells makes ten “

Before we went back to school we sat and watched the waves.  We saw a fishing boat and we all waved.  We were really pleased when the fishermen on the boat waved back!

We started Beach School with our Beach PE with Orcas. We completed the same circuit as last week with the focus on improving our scores. We added a station of Spring Jumps, which was quite tricky at first but we got there. We then started to build Hadrian's Wall, we made it as long as our class line, and included forts as an additional defence. We then invaded the wall with some of the class being The Picts and some being The Romans. The wall was sturdy but not enough to hold The Picts out. Unfortunately, we did not have 6 years to build the wall like The Romans but we managed with what we had. We then went off into our groups and created Raps about being kind and respectful. We performed them to each other before creating a class one to finish our Beach Morning off.