27 April 2018

Following on from our visit to the beach last week, KS1 have written our own poems about things found by the sea.  We have tried to use some alliteration and interesting adjectives for our work.  We looked at the features of a list poem and wrote ours using a similar format.  Here we are retelling our poetry.
On the way down to the beach today we found sheets with facts about Grace Darling, which we read out to the group.  After our warm-up game, KS2 went off to do some athletics, including measuring in tenths and hundredths to see who was the best at long jump; KS1 and Reception recapped time on a clock, before exploring fractions, and making a giant pizza, with the parachute; whilst nursery made some shapes in the sand and decorated them with shells.
We then all gathered together to listen to the story of Grace Darling, before splitting into our teams to make Grace Darling dioramas.  There was lots of problem solving to make tall lighthouses, and inventive use of resources to retell the story using sand, stones, shells, seaweed and sticks.  There was amazing attention to detail, from the oars on the boat, to sea weed 'lettuce' in Grace Darling's allotment.  
After another delicious lunch at the Dunstanburgh Golf Club we came back to the sand dunes.  The tide was nearly in, and our dioramas had disappeared.  Class 1 settled down to the story of the Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch and created a rhythm poem about Grace Darling, whilst Class 2 practised a play to retell the Grace Darling Story.  After a bit of free-play, where Class 2 attempted the wall of sand again, and Class 1 made up their own Grace Darling song (Row, row, row your boat, over the stormy sea, off to save some sailors, home in time for tea), the classes performed their poems, songs and play to each other.
Then it was time to come back up the hill to school, exhausted and sandy!