This week in school, we have focused on working as a team. We have done this by building Hadrian's Wall at Beach School and working together in the School Games.
In English this week we wrote a Haiku, which we learnt was both similar and different to Kenning Poems. We finished off our Poetry Unit this week by writing a paired rap based on the song 'This is me'. It was all about being kind to yourself and others and empowerment. This tied in nicely with our learning from Anti-Bullying Week that we completed last week. We also wrote a rap about either Harry Potter or our class book Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. They wrote some amazing raps.
In maths, we learnt about multiplying and dividing by 3 if you were a Year 3 and multiplying and dividing by 6 if you were a Year 4.
In history, we continued to learn about The Romans by focusing on Hadrian's Wall and why they built it. We took our learning further by building one on the beach and invading it after. It was really fun but hard. In French, we looked at what is in our wardrobe and the different clothes that we have. We then asked our partner what they had in their wardrobe and answered in French, which was challenging but with practice, we managed.
This week's Class Dojo Sense of the Week: Summer-Rose.
This week's Star Writer is Thomas D.
This week's Wizard of the Week is Arthur.
Congratulations to you all.