26 November 2021


Today we took one of our favourite books to beach school today.  ‘Stick Man’ by Julia Donaldson.  Mrs Popay gave us all our own stick man.  When we listened to the story we used our stick men to act out what was happening in the story.

After listening to the story we took our stick men on their own adventure.  We took them into the rock pools, for a swim, up the steps, into the dunes and then in the sea.  We also built them a sand castle house.

We sat in the dunes to do our writing.  We wrote about where we took our stick men.  The Reception children have been practising writing the words ‘in’ and ‘the’ so they were able to use them in their writing.

After our writing we used the balances to weigh our stick men.  We counted out shells to make the scales balance.  We also measured how many shells long our stick men were.