26 April 2022


We have had a very busy day down at the beach! We started the day off with Worship where we tied knots in the marram grass to represent each thing that we are grateful for.

We then headed off to start our English lesson, we began to write some lovely pieces of description to describe the area around us.

In maths we took the scales down to the beach. We worked towards finding various objects on the beach that were equal in weight, this was trickier than we thought! We also had a go at making our own scales from natural resources we had found on the beach.

Our PE lesson involved athletics, we practised our running, jumping and throwing skills. It was tough running on the soft sand.

After lunch we began to learn about food chains. We worked in small groups to show our understanding of where different food chains start by ordering some picture cards.

We then took a moment to look at the beautiful coastline and began to sketch a drawing of Dunstanburgh Castle and the surrounding area. I was very impressed with how they looked!

At the end of the day we walked back via school. We were shocked at how much school has changed, the builders have been very busy. We can’t wait to see the school as it gets closer to being ready.


We started beach school today with Worship by the Waves.  Our worship theme this week is Thankfulness.  We all found a piece of green marram grass and tied lots of knots in it.  Each knot was for something we were thankful for.  We said a thank you prayer and sang ‘Thank you Lord for this fine day’. 

Our story this week is ‘Around the World with Max and Lemon’.  In the story Max travels around the world and meets lots of different children who are all unique.

Max meets Anka who lived in the mountains and liked to weave colourful patterns.  We found some different coloured marram grass and weaved it into some wool.

In the desert max meets Noor who loves music and likes to play an instrument.  We made shaker musical instruments using pipe cleaners and shells with holes.  We sang songs and shook our shakers.

Max meets Pakaya in the jungle.  Pakaya like to listen to tales sung by his dad.  We sang a story about a Princess who lived long ago.

In the arctic Max met Gertrude who loves to whizz down hills on a sledge.  We didn’t have a sledge so we slid down the sand dunes instead.

In the story Max saw lots of different animals so we thought about animals that live in the sea that we might be able to see.  We used our sketch books to draw some of the them, thinking carefully about what they looked like.

This week at Beach School we started with worship by the waves led by Mrs Popay. We had to tie a knot in Marram Grass for everything that we are thankful for and keep it in our pockets to remind us. It was a lovely start to the day. We then went off to start our learning. In maths, we started learning about turns and angles, so we had to move in the direction that we were saying before sitting in a group and drawing diagrams and pictures to support what we had learnt. We then moved on to writing a descriptive piece. We were focusing on a descriptive piece as we have found it tricky to tell the difference between a description and writing a narrative. We started by writing a class paragraph about the sand but we were not allowed to just write the beach has sand which is golden coloured, we had to use some of our adventurous and descriptive adjectives, include some alliteration and similes to make it a fantastic piece and the children did amazingly well. After we then moved on to PSHE, where we had to build a volcano in our group, the only instruction was it had to be big. The two teams came up with two completely different interpretations which were great as they showed not all volcanoes are the same. We then linked this to our learning about jealousy which we had just started the day before and how to deal with emotions. We used the volcano erupting as a metaphor to show that we should deal with the emotions before that point and the children had a great time sliding, jumping and ploughing through their volcanoes. It was then time to do some RE. We had to create a performance to show what we had learnt the last half-term with Mrs Popay, both to show Miss Scott what they had learnt and to show what they could remember. They created some fantastic pieces that showed their learning journey. We then joined the Orcas for PE, we had a final game of football to see what skills we had developed from the last half-term and it was a close match 4-3! They have come on massively since the start and showed some great sportsmanship.
We then headed back for lunch before heading back to school to finish our learning for the day.