26 April 2019


What a lovely day to start our summer term. After the walk to the beach Worship by the Waves began, the Orcas worked with the Starfish class to support them in the task of finding seaweed to help produce a whole school cross, the children then sang the hymn When I think about the cross it was such a moving and memorable way to begin the beach school session.

Orca class continued to develop their understanding of prime, composite and square numbers after some whole class work the children then branched off into pairs where they were able to test their partners. The class have really shown a good understanding of this area of maths. A quick hydration and then PE after a light jog to the shoreline and back each child gave a different move / action for the warm up (including burpees!). This half term we will be concentrating developing hand eye coordination and using different equipment the children used tennis rackets and tried to begin a rally, after that they bounced the ball on the racket and each child was asked to try to beat their last score, well done to Josh who managed to bounce the ball on his racket an incredible 72 times!

After snack and some more hydration we went back to the little classroom area and began the introduction to our new science topic for this term which is evolution. We discussed Charles Darwin and the discoveries he made with regard to finches,  we then looked at different birds beaks and discussed how they were adapted to help them survive in their chosen environment, the children the sketched these within their journals.

A lovely lunch at the Golf Club (as always) and then off to the Tippy Top classroom unfortunately, we did find it too windy so we went to the base of the wall to carry on with our topic Project Britain this week we discussed Mo Farah and his accomplishments and early life. In English the Orca class have begun discovering the tale of Robin Hood, we listened to a story of Robin Hood and then parted into different groups to act out the story, the children showed a great understanding of the story and as usual their drama and productions were amazing!

To finish the day and to challenge themselves and develop their core skills we ended the session with a few runs up and down the wall, discussing different ways to travel.

A big thank you to Christine for joining us today!  


Beach school began today with Worship by the Waves.  We thought about the happy time of Palm Sunday and drew palm leaves in the sand while thinking about things that make us happy.  After that we thought about Jesus and his friends, the disciples, sharing the last supper.  We then drew pictures of our friends in the sand.  The Orcas helped us to find some seaweed to make a big cross on the beach.  We all stood around the cross and sang ‘When I think about the cross’.  It was very moving.

For our maths today we began by throwing a beanbag around a circle and counting to twenty.  We were great at counting.  We then used gingerbread man cutters to make gingerbread men in the sand.  Some of us made number lines and some of us made gingerbread addition sentences.   

We played a chasing game, someone pretended to be the gingerbread man and they shouted ‘Run, run as fast as you can. You can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man’.   They then ran as fast as they could and everyone else chased them.  We then swapped over so everyone had a turn at being the gingerbread man.

After snack we played a listening game, guessing who was talking like the gingerbread man.  Some of us then wrote some speech bubbles for the characters in the story and others wrote the first letter in their name in the sand and filled it with shells.  Further along the beach we noticed a big tree that had been washed up.  It made a great climbing frame!

After a yummy lunch at the golf club we retold the story of the gingerbread man and discussed what other ways the gingerbread man could have got across the river.  We decided that he could have used a boat.  We all worked together to make boat in the sand.  There was just enough room for us all to get inside!  

Mrs Bowen and Mrs Cotton worked with Puffins today, as Mrs Threlfall was away.  We have been doing time in maths, so took some clocks down to the beach to practise telling the time.  We made clocks in the sand to help us.  We are getting better at it!  After maths we did some PE.  We played some evasion games - bulldog, tig, stuck in the mud - and then played some games with more complex rules.  We were exhausted when we finished!
After snack we did our weather reporting.  Mrs Bowen was really impressed with our descriptive writing.
In the afternoon we looked for leaves that were different shapes.  We looked very closely at the differences between them.  Then we chose a leaf and sketched it in our sketch books.  We tried to copy the different patterns and veins on each leaf.  After that we listened to the the story 'The Tiny Seed' and thought about how many ways a seed can not survive long enough to grow into a plant.  Then we made 3D plants in the sand.  We tried to incorporate the different parts of a plant that we have been learning about in science, so included the roots in our sculptures.