Another week over, another load of learning taken place!
It was good to see all the children back at school last week.  They all came back ready for another exciting term after the Easter holidays.  I hope you had a relaxing one and not too many chocolate eggs!!!!
Last week we welcomed Mr Baxter into our class.  He spent last week observing in Puffin class and getting a feel for how we do things.  This week he took over the reins of the teaching in Maths and English and a variety of foundation subjects too.  The children have welcomed him well.
This week the children have carried on looking at the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, doing some drama of various parts.  They then looked at using speech marks, so that they can use these in their stories.  
In Maths, the children have been looking at shapes; both 2D and 3D.  They named them as well as identified some within nature in the outdoor areas.  They have begun to use language associated with shapes such as faces, edges and vertices.
In Big Maths we had 32 certificates to give out.  Lots of scores beaten and one promotion too.  Well done to CARTER who got all his Learn Its right within the time and earned his promotion.  I think it won't be long before we have a few more promotions as there were lots of 10/10.  Well done Puffins.
We have been looking at feelings this week in PSHE.  We began by naming a few feelings and thinking of things that might make us feel this way.  We then thought of things we might be able to do if we feel in a particular way; for example; if we are feeling sad and lonely at playtime we could ask a friend to play with us.  We have created a feelings chart in the classroom for us to be more aware of our feelings.  We have been talking about the fact that it is 'ok, not to be ok' but they need to tell someone in order for us to help them.  
In PE we played rounders and in computing we had a go at programming the BeeBots with the correct instructions in order to guide it around a maze.  This was harder than it sounds, and found out it was really important to give the instructions in the right order for it to work.
The weather has been great again this week and we endeavour to get out as much as we can - please could we be prepared for all eventualities with coats, waterproofs, wellies and sunhats!  
Have a good weekend and enjoy the sun safely and sensibly.
See you on Monday
Miss Murray and Mr Baxter