25 September 2020


Today was really windy so we didn’t go to the beach for beach school.  Instead we went to the quarry.  After having an explore along the different footpaths we then use a magnifying glass to look closely at different plants.  We saw so many different types of leaves.  We used describing word to say what they looked like.  There were lots of berries growing.  We knew that we couldn’t eat the berries but decided the birds would have a lovely feast. 

We then found a clearing where there were lots of rabbit droppings.  We knew that rabbits must be nearby so went looking for rabbit holes.  We also found a mound of stones and spent a bit of time marching up and down singing ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’.

Before we left we collected a selection of natural materials to make portraits with.

It was a very blustery day, so we decided to take our learning to the quarry instead of the beach.  After having a quick explore, we sat down and did some writing about the weather before two children were chosen to read their weather report out to everyone.  Everyone had a go at writing sentences and we are starting to use more adventurous language such as the wind rustling in the trees and the grass dancing.  Once our weather reports were completed, we got out our sketchbooks, chose some plants and did some detailed sketching of what we could see.  We worked really hard at looking closely and trying to draw things exactly as we saw them.  Next we had some snack before going off to explore the rest of the quarry site.  On our walk we collected items that we could use to make some self-portraits.  We brought our resources back to the school field and then made our portraits out of our found items.  It was a busy and blowy morning, and we all had good fun!
Seals & Orcas

A windy beach school day today, this did postpone our plan for ultimate frisky for the first thing this morning. We changed our route accordingly S began our trek into the dunes and began our invertebrate hunt. Even though this is linked to the John Muir award it is a nice recap for Orca’s science topic this half term. We found lots of animals including frogs, slugs, worms, spiders and grasshoppers. The children used an id sheet to identify the animals which they found. 


After that, we moved to Low Newton where we had lunch with a lovely view. We headed back along the beach and cut back through the dunes to where we were in the morning and proceeded to use the natural environment to make some of the animals we discovered this morning and discuss their features. 


We then developed our note taking skills and listening skills by Bridie explaining who John Muir was and his fascinating life. Including his time in America at Fountain Lake Farm. 


Moving on, we began discussing seed dispersal, the children were then set the task to find as many different seeds that they could find on out walk back to school, the children then wrote poems about the weather and the environment around them. 


Another successful day at beach school.