25 October 2019


A cooler beach school day today, we began our session with some maths, super stars were beginning to understand inverse operations, bright sparks concentrated on place value. After that, we continued to develop our understanding of the rules of tag rugby helped especially since the year 5 and 6s took place in a tournament yesterday in Alnwick  - there are some great action shots.

A quick snack then on to hear more about Stig! We recapped what part of the book that we had previously got up to and made predictions of what may happen. The children then worked in groups to take part in a drama activity.

After lunch the children then recapped what we had learnt about tectonic plates and the Pacific Ring of Fire, sketching this in their beach school books and then using this to support their models, we then placed the models in the area which they had made the Pacific Ring of Fire and used coke and mentos to simulate a volcanic eruption.

 We started off the day collecting our weather data.  We investigated the changes in temperature since September - it is definitely getting colder.  We thought about why, and made some predictions for what it might be in January - we will see who was the closest!  No chance to use our sun stick today - Freddie correctly identified that there was no sun, so no shadow!
In our maths today we consolidated our learning in the classroom - column subtraction for the Year 2s, writing our calculations in the sand, and using a giant number line to walk along to subtract for the Year 1s.
After maths we finished up our throwing and catching practice in PE.  We are now pretty good at working with a tennis-sized ball.
After snack we looked at some fire poetry - first of all we listened to a poem about the Great Fire of London, then a senses poem about fire.  We then thought of our own words and phrases that we might like to use in our own fire senses poem to write after half-term.
After lunch we listened to a story about a Puffling, and then got out our sketchbooks.  We looked at the view towards Dunstanburgh Castle and had several attempts at sketching it.  We then chose our best picture and used the water colours to match the colours on our pictures.



Our story at beach school today was ‘The Snail and the Whale’ by Julia Donaldson.  After we had listened to the story we got into our groups. Mrs Cotton’s group thought about some of the places the whale took the snail and then wrote some words to describe the locations.  Mrs Popay’s group wrote lots of different words to describe the snail and Mrs Gabrielle’s group drew some whales and snails in the sand and practised drawing some wavy and zig-zag lines.


In PE we played a game of superhero tag.  We loved wearing the superhero masks to chase our friends!  After playing tag we practised our superhero throwing by aiming  beanbags through hoops.


We used the balances in maths. We felt the weight of some different model whales and estimated which one we thought was the heaviest.  We then put them in one side of the balance and added spoonful’s of sand to the other side.  Some of us recorded how many spoons of sand the whales weighed and recorded it.


There was a lot of seaweed on the beach today so we decided to create a giant whale with a snail on his back.  Mrs Cotton drew a big outline of a whale in the sand and we collected lots of seaweed to fill the space.  While we collected seaweed children put some on their head and pretended to be pirates!  It was funny!  Lots of visitors to the beach admired our whale when we had  finished.