25 May 18

This week we split into two groups from the start of the session.  Key Stage 2 spent the morning walking to Dunstanburgh Castle, whilst Key Stage 1 and Early Years became pirates on the beach.
On the walk to Dunstanburgh Castle, the children investigated the flora and fauna that the good weather had brought out.  They looked at the different habitats, noting the similarities and differences between each.  Once they got to the castle, they learnt about who lived there, and why it fell into disuse.  They explored the castle grounds, imagining what it would have been like when it was habitable.  They also spent some time observing the different sea birds nesting in the cliffs.
Back on the beach, pirates were marauding.  The session started by playing some pirate games, including running to different points of the compass.  After finding out about some famous pirates, each child made up their own pirate name, were given scars, beards and eye patches before making their own treasure maps for others to follow.  The maps had to be carefully followed, counting out the correct steps in the right direction to hide the treasure.  They then swapped maps, and another team had to find the treasure.... with mixed success!  This was then followed by playing more pirate games, such as tug of war, skittles (with a coconut) and pulling in the fish.
After lunch we were all back together.  We went down to the river to make cork sailboats and see who would win.  There were some interesting discussions about the relative strength of the wind v the current - and we discovered that the boats all sailed upstream.  Before coming back up to school, we made our own sand sculptures.  We are all starting to get better at thinking about what sort of sculptures work best in sand, and how we might reinforce our structures to give them more stability.
Back at school, we were all rewarded with ice-creams that the Early Years children had made earlier in the week - delicious!