25 March 2022


We started beach school today with Worship by the Waves.  We each collected eight shells and made a tower.  Each time we put a shell onto our tower we said a thank you prayer for something different.

Our book at the beach today was ‘Sam’s Pizza’ by David Pelham.  The story is about a boy called Sam  who is in the kitchen concocting disgusting dish for his sister, Samantha. Pizza is on the menu and Sam has some alarmingly original ideas for the toppings. 

After we listened to the story we made a list of toppings that we like on our pizza.  We wrote: cheese, tomato, ham, chicken, mushrooms, pepperoni and pineapple.  Everybody thought really carefully about the sounds in their writing. 

After our writing we drew a big pizza outline in the sand and sat around the edge.  We rolled the dice to each other and drew the topping that the dice landed on onto our pizza.  We also rolled a spotty dice and that told us how many of each topping to draw.

Finally we made small pizzas on the sand using shells, stones and seaweed for the toppings.



Seals and Orcas
It was a very busy morning at Beach School on Friday. Orcas and Seals were together all morning and we have lots of different things going on. Firstly, we had worship by the waves with Mrs Popay. She told us to collect 7 shells and then we had to make a tower of thankfulness thinking about different things that we should be thankful for. We listened very well and enjoyed building our towers. We then had a session with the National Trust who came down to teach us about the birds they hope will be going to nest down at Embleton. We looked at different images and made our own nests thinking about ways we could protect it from all different kinds of dangers. We then went off to have a snack and a drink before getting ready for PE. We practised our football skills and worked together as a team, whilst some of the Orcas went and did some work about Beach School and being in the AONB. Before heading back to school for lunch. We ate lunch outside as it was such a lovely day and were able to join the Starfish and Puffins before heading back for our afternoon work. The Orcas did some amazing sketching of the School Building as evidence of what it is like before, so they can monitor the transformation and the Seals read some more of The Iron Man before acting out the scene where everyone became more open and accepting towards the Iron Man.