25 June 2021


week in school we have been hearing the story ‘The Pirates are Coming’ by John Condon.  It tells the story of a boy called Tom who has a VERY important job; every day he climbs to the top of the hill and watches for pirate ships. He rings his bell and shouts "PIRATES!" a few too many times when there aren’t any pirate ships to be seen.   The villagers begin to get tired of hiding and everybody is in for a surprise when the pirates really do turn up.

In the story Tom rings a bell to warn the villages of pirates so we made our own bells using a yoghurt pot and a pipe cleaner.  We collected shells that had holes through the middle and threaded them onto our pipe cleaner to make our bell.

After we had made our bells we climbed to the top of the highest sand dune to listen to the story.  One of our rainbow challenges this week was to make a telescope.  We took these to the beach today so we could look out to sea for pirates during the story.  When we listened to the book we all rang our bells and shouted ‘The pirates are coming.  The pirates are coming’ to join in with the story.  We brought the school bell to the beach and Miss Murray rang the big bell!  After the story we all ran down the hill shouting and ringing our bells like Tom in the story!

After our snack we sang ‘Ten brown bottles, standing in the dunes’.  The Reception children were able to practise their number bonds to ten when we were singing by counting the bottles that were standing and the bottles that had fallen down.

As it was very windy and a bit chillier today we went back up to school for our picnic lunch.