25 January 2023

After Worship by the Waves we listened to the story 'The Great Race'.  In the story we heard how each year of the Chinese New Year is named after an animal.  2023 is the year of the rabbit.  We all wrote a list of the animals in the story.
Today we each had some new waterproof trousers, coats and gloves from Spotty Otter. www.spottyotter.co.uk. Jess and Joss from Spotty Otter came and took lots of photos of us wearing our new waterproofs.  We even got to find out how waterproof they were by jumping in the water!  We still managed to do some maths, making pairs of numbers to ten using shells and stones, use wheelbarrows to move thins, using the scales to balance and do a dragon dance! 

Our day began with worship by the waves with our two church school council members Grace and Arthur. 


After that, we then began with reading more of our class book The Explorer. The children then wrote a journal entry as the character Fred. They then shared them with the rest of the class. 


We then continued with The Explorer and worked as a group and took part in drama to explore the emotions of the characters. 


Moving on to geography we began to explore South America and discovering which countries the Amazon rainforest spans across. 


We started off Beach School this week with Worship by the Waves.  We were listening to the next part of the Beatitudes – Justice.  We talked about what this means and about the times when we say ‘it’s just not fair!’  After worship we headed off for a sheltered spot to do our writing.  In our writing this week we were writing some descriptive sentences about the colours around us.  We looked out to sea and observed that it was lots of different colours and not just the ‘blue’ that we associate with it.  We discussed adjectives and synonyms.  We did the same for the sky.  We then used these adjectives to write some lovely descriptive sentences.  We also discussed how the seasons are changing and compared the weather last week to the weather today.  We talked about how spring is close and what signs we could spot that spring was on its way. 

In our beach PE we are doing orienteering.  We looked at the maps of the beach and walked the course to make sure that everything was where it should be.  We discovered that one of the paths is no longer there and discussed what has made the land change and how we could change our map.

We headed up to the golf club for our lunch before heading back to school to do some science.  In science we were carrying out a materials investigation to see if we could find out why materials are chosen for their purpose.


Seal Class
At the beach this week we have been looking at coastal erosion.  After Worship by the Waves we first went north and looked along the base of the dunes to see what evidence we could see of erosion.  We discussed the importance of the marram grass to prevent wind erosion and to reduce wave erosion.  We looked at where the dunes had been undercut by the high tides, and where there had been some land slides.  We examined the impact that humans have by making paths through the dunes.  Then we moved south to investigate the erosion caused by the river changing direction due to the deposition of sand by the sea.  We recalled when we had been able to use a path, that now ended in a cliff edge.  After investigating these different types of erosion, we noted them down in our journals for use back in the classroom.  We finished up our morning by going to The Wall and working on our perseverance and core strength climbed up and ran down it - mostly without falling over!