25 January 2019

We started beach school today with Worship by the Waves.  School Council led us in thinking about forgiving people who had been unkind to us.  We all held a stone to represent the hurt we felt and then we walked down to the sea and threw our stones into the water to show that we had forgiven the people who have hurt us.   We sang the song 'Love one another' to remind ourselves to be kind to others.
In maths we used different flower pots to talk about size.  We made different sized sandcastles and made sure we put them in the correct order.  We also used the balances to measure sand, shells and stones.  We discussed whether flower pots that looked the same size held the same amount of sand.  We used the balances to check.  
In PE we practised our throwing by aiming bean bags into hoops.  When we got really good we moved the hoop further away.  We loved doing this!
After lunch we made a toy town in the sand.  We had cardboard roads and built houses out of sand using flower pots. We then added some toys and made up some stories.
Having wrapped up warm to go down to the beach, we were all amazed at how mild it was - and were starting to contemplate taking off layers by the time we had got down to the beach.  After throwing our forgiveness stones into the sea in Worship by the Waves, we got down to some maths - the Year 1s making sandcastle arrays (Indira was definitely the speediest sandcastle builder!) whilst the Year 2s and 3s had a times table challenge.  With the tide out, there was plenty of space for football, and after some passing and goalkeeper practice, we had a good game of football.  After snack we did our weather reports, some of which are turning in to amazing pieces of descriptive writing - with the sea sparkling, and the sun peeping out from behind the clouds.  As we were all enjoying writing so much we carried on with it until lunchtime.  It was a lovely peaceful and companionable time shared, being creative together.  At the end we were all keen to read what we had written to each other.
After lunch we came back down and found a spot on the beach out of the wind, and thought about what materials would make a good parachute.  We were concerned that a paper napkin would rip, but were surprised to find it worked really well.  We used different shells and stones to see what effect different weights had too.  We again had to think carefully about different joining techniques - choosing from blu-tack (got sandy, and didn't hold the string well) to staples and masking tape (good in combination).


Our beach school session started like any other with a brisk walk down to the beach, in comparison to last week the sea was beautiful and calm. This was the perfect canvas to begin the day with Worship by the Waves.

After worship the children began with Maths, carrying on from this week class based lessons on the topic of fractions. Orca class were fortunate to have a helper today Mrs Bowen who worked with the year 6 children using fractions to find a common denominator.

Carrying on from maths the children then continued to develop their team work and ball skills, a special mention to Amber who worked tirelessly retrieving the ball. The children’s skills have really developed.

A quick snack and then carrying on from the classroom based lesson of forces the children again discussed and reinforced previous learning. The children then used a parachute to explore weight and air resistance.

Another lovely lunch at the golf club set the Orcas class up for a brisk walk back through the dunes and we began the topic lesson, again carrying on with Beowulf the children wrote their own paly scripts working as a team and then performed their scenes back to the class. A special mention to Tabitha who showed great determination as Grendel’s Mother.